Review. Refer. Win.

Do you love free classes? Who doesn’t?! Do you need a new pair of socks or have you been coveting one of our stylish and cute t-shirts to work out in? Again, who doesn’t?! What’s the catch, you’re asking. Do you post about us on social media? Have you been thinking about rating or reviewing us, but need some extra motivation? Either way, we’re want to reward you for your efforts and encourage you to start doing it or to keep it up. If you haven’t raved about us yet, now is a good time to start. Did I mention FREE classes and apparel?

We love our new family. We consider each and every one of you part of our TRM family. We need your help spreading the word about our Studio. The most powerful tool we have is our army of dedicated Movers. All you have to do is keep coming to class and share your love of The Resistance Movement with your friends and family. Sounds seriously simple, right? It really is.

Throughout April and May, we want to encourage you to spread the word throughout Lowertown, no…St. Paul…no…the Twin Cities, no…Minnesota, wait, no…the WORLD. Wait, mostly the Twin Cities, let’s not get too ambitious here…I’m not sure penguins do Pilates. We also want to reward you for spreading the word about us. How can you help?…It is as simple as 1, 2, 3. For each review and/or rating of our Studio or classes, for each post on social media and for each new client you refer to us, you will get entries into our raffle. The more you do, the more entries you’ll receive. Winners will receive FREE class packages and apparel.

Winners will be announced the first week of June so let’s get going Movers!


  • 1 entry for every social media post (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter).
  • 1 entry for every class you rate/review on Mindbody or Classpass.
  • 2 entries for each rating/review of the Studio on Google, Facebook, Yelp or the Groupon site. (More than 5 words to count)
  • 2 entries for writing a testimonial to be used on the website.
  • 3 entries for referring a friend.
  • If you think about anything else…just ask!

The most powerful way to spread the word about our Studio is word of mouth. All of you Movers keep coming back, so you love something about us. Just let everyone know what that is. Even if you’re not into social media posts, you can rate/review the classes or the Studio. There are tons of ways to get involved. Find the way that’s right for you. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be long and it doesn’t have to be perfect. No one expects you to be Shakespeare. Just let your passion shine through.


getting fit is always more fun with a friend, a workout buddy or a partner. Whoever motivates you to keep going, why not share a package with them?

24 Flexible Classes to be shared by two people: ONLY $299




  • 24 flexible classes to be used on any class between two people.
  • Classes are good for 3 months from the first day of use.

Wedding Warrior

Need help to make your special day perfect? We’ve designed a package to help you take time for yourself. Things can get hectic and you must take time to focus on yourself. Included in the package is a private session. This can be used to help you train harder OR you can use it to have some fun. Invite your bridal party for a fun private session. We can teach any of our classes, including our new bungeeJUMP class. OR, we can help choreograph your first dance, a parent dance, a flash mob/wedding party dance or anything else you can dream up. Our experienced team can help you make the biggest day of your life exactly as you dreamed of. Love the idea of having your first dance choreographed, but don’t need the package? That’s fine too. Take a look at our getPERSONAL package below.

Are you scared at the thought of being photographed from every angle at your wedding? Are you dreading trying on your dress or your tux for your final fitting? Do you and your husband want to get fit together for your wedding? Do you want to make a commitment to each other to establish a healthy lifestyle so you can be together longer? No matter what your fear or your goal, we’re here to help you. You can split this package with your partner so you can both look and feel great for your wedding. Pictures are forever and you want them to be perfect. You also need the stamina to party all day long.

The package includes an initial consultation to discuss your goals and your needs. We give you a welcome packet complete with nutrition information to help you get (and stay) healthy.

Not getting married, but want to get fit? You can still buy this package.

1 Private Session or 1 Bridal Party Class or First dance choreography

All for ONLY 400!


  • 24 classes will be put into your account.
  • Initial wellness consult to discuss your goals.
  • 1 Free personal training session.
  • The private session can be used in any way…just ask!
  • 1 wellness packet.
  • This package must be scheduled in person, via email or telephone.
  • Can be shared with your significant other.
Wedding Warrior


Let’s get personal…need more personalized attention or have specific goals in mind? getPERSONAL with our trainers and let us help you achieve your goals. Become the best version of you. Want to organize a session with some of your friends or your employees? We do small group sessions as well.

4 Personal training sessions: Only $220

THAT IS LESS THAN $60 per hour!

6 personal training sessions: Only $300 

THAT IS LESS THAN $50 per hour!


  • Can buy multiple packages.
  • This package must be scheduled in person, via email or telephone.