2018 is almost here! We’re so excited for the new year because we’ve been working our butts off to bring you some new classes.


As you know, Christmas and New Year are upon us. We’ve modified the schedule to take into account holidays! We are also making some changes to the schedule in the new year. We’ve got some great new classes to look out for. In January and February, we will be running community classes. Community classes are offered at a discounted price. It allows our instructors to practice the new classes and it gives us the opportunity to try out new class formats.


Think you’ve mastered getSTRONG? Think you’ve nailed the perfect pike and lunge? Think you’ve seen it all? Think again!! That’s right, we’ve taken some of your favorite exercises from our other classes and combined it with the chair for a class that will blow your mind. We’ve incorporated entirely new exercises and some twists on your favorite exercises. Challenge yourself in this new strength-focused chair class. DIRECTIONS: Take often and mix with getMOVING for a well rounded workout. WARNING: This class is highly addictive!


For those of you that love barre class, this class is for you! We’ve combined traditional ballet technique and barre class and added movement to create this new dance class. Everyone loves the benefits of barre class, but we’ve added movement to get in your strength, stretch and stamina in one class. With the bungees as your barre, you’ll plie, releve and leap your way into long, toned, and lean muscles.



Because we want to spread the love, throughout December, the first class is free for new clients. That’s right. We heard what you said in the survey…”I haven’t taken a class yet”, “I’m waiting for a deal to try you out”, etc. We don’t want to hear it anymore! If you’re new to The Movement and you’ve been wanting to try us out, now is the time! We  don’t want you to have any more excuses for not trying a class. Your first class is FREE, but you must reserve your spot! We don’t want anyone to be disappointed. If you show up without signing up, preference goes to those that have signed up.


Keep an eye out for Christmas/New Year deals. Class packs and memberships make excellent presents for yourself or your loved ones. These will be the last deals we offer until next spring. You can’t beat these deals. You can buy multiple packs; each one having its own expiration date. Packs are good for all of our classes.

Call or email us to find out more.

Check back frequently to see what The Resistance Movement is up to. We constantly have events going on both in the Studio and around town. Keep up with all these events in our bi-weekly Monday Movement email campaigns, our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Past events include Pinks and Planks, BodyART and Beer, Rose and Releve, Fitness in the Parks and appearances at Lululemon, Fabletics and Athleta.