The Resistance Movement team is passionate about, and dedicated to, an environment where everyone feels welcome and confident they will receive an efficient and effective workout that helps them attain their personal fitness goals.

We approach group fitness with a focus on the elements of Strength, Stretch and Stamina. Our classes are designed to be scalable to your fitness level and are offered in small groups so instructors are able to give clients personalized attention and help them achieve their specific objectives.

Each class combines traditional movements from Pilates, yoga, strength training, and dance paired with suspended resistance cords to thoroughly engage your arms, legs, and core for a total body experience. The suspended resistance cords not only support proper technique, but they also enhance your performance for long-lasting results. Stretching sequences are integrated throughout to increase joint mobility and range of motion which will enhance athletic performance or ease the tasks in everyday life.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up or just stay active, our method is crazy effective and not to mention, ridiculously fun. We’ve got a variety of classes and tons of options so you never get bored. With so many options, your body never gets used to the same exercises.



Take your favorite strength and conditioning moves out of the gym, and onto the MVe chair for an exciting new challenge.

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Pulling in elements of Pilates and yoga, this hybrid class incorporates traditional strength and conditioning moves (lunges, push-ups, and crunches) with unique stretching sequences, and high intensity cardio intervals set to an energetic soundtrack that gets you pushing each muscle to carry out these moves.

The suspended resistance cords provide the confidence and stability needed to make Pilates approachable for beginners while enabling experienced practitioners to push a little harder and work multiple muscle groups and planes of movement. They also allow you to test your balance, coordination, and control by utilizing the cords and chair simultaneously.

If you are ready to reap the benefits of Pilates and yoga, with a twist, this strength and form focused class is for you!

If you are ready to get a strong core and proper posture to set the foundation for all your fitness and your life outside of the gym, this class is for you!

We recommend geting comfortable with the chair before taking getMOVING.



With the resistance cords as your barre,
you’ll plie, releve, and leap your way into long, toned, and lean muscles.



Focus on strength, stretch, and stamina through breath-centered, fluid sequences, similar to a Vinyasa-style yoga flow, set to high-energy music. Total body workout for ALL fitness levels.



Leave your inhibitions and shoes at the door for this action packed dance cardio party.

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Challenge your balance and coordination, all while dancin’ your way into fitness!

In ResistDance, you will rock out to some energetic music, build your stamina with fun cardio sequences – a fusion of ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, and other dance forms to increase cardio endurance and get a great stretch. A fluid ballet barre section will isolate and challenge your muscles while strengthening and lengthening your total body. Make no mistake, this isn’t your ordinary barre class.

Accessible for all levels of fitness and dance experience, this class gives a total-body workout with an added challenge through suspended resistance cords, a concise Pilates mat and ballet barre sections, and a killer ab sequence that will leave you sore but exhilarated and ready for the dance floor!



If you think no equipment means an easier workout, you don’t know ResistMAT yet!

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Far from your average Pilates mat class, you’ll be combining traditional mat exercises with high intensity, but low impact cardio for a twist you can’t Resist!

With an emphasis on building your core strength, this class also includes cardio intervals to challenge your stamina and stretch sequences to help your muscles recover.

ResistMAT is a fluid class that incorporates elements of Pilates, yoga, strength and conditioning and stretches paired with suspended resistance cords. Adding our suspended resistance cords to your hands or feet throughout this music-paced class allows you to enjoy your core strength exercises in a fun and focused new way!

Join us in ResistMAT to activate to your deep core muscles and increase muscle tone and flexibility to get strong and centered.



Take a few moments for yourself through this breath-focused class. We use dynamic strength-based sequences to warm up the body for static stretches.



bodyART® is functional movement training that challenges your strength, flexibility and mental concentration.

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bodyART® classes are performed barefoot with your body as your only equipment, relying on your breath to carry you through this action packed class.

Classes consist of exercises unique to bodyART® as well movement inspired by martial arts, yoga, physical therapy and classical conditioning. Awarded as ‘Best International Concept’ by ECA OBOW awards in New York City, bodyART® is being hailed as the most progressive and effective fitness modality in the world.


Our Instructors

Maddy Woodman, Instructor

Many of you have already met or taken class with Maddy. She teaches resistDANCE on Tuesdays at 5:30pm, and Fridays at 5:45pm.
She also teaches resistBARRE on Thursday mornings 7:45am.

Instruction Style: While Maddy’s ResistBARRE class has a more chill vibe than some of the other instructors, make no mistake,
it’s a beast and will have you dripping with sweat.

Keira Belisle-Lamoureux, Instructor

Keira is a yoga, Pilates and fitness instructor that developed a passion for yoga at the age of 16 when she started teaching yoga classes in her
parents’ gardens in rural Wisconsin! This love led her to Costa Rica where she became certified in Hatha yoga. It’s been a never-ending journey, as she seeks to
understand yoga and it’s mindful movement, breath work and philosophies.

Like all of our instructors, she believes yoga is truly for everyone and she wants to help people foster their own love for their unique practice. She has a way of making people feel comfortable in their own skin and also stresses that happiness is an inside job. She travelled the country teaching and sharing this message.

Instruction Style: Keira brings a different energy to The Resistance Movement: she radiates positivity and a sense of calm. Let her big smile and warm heart take you on a mindful journey!

Our Pricing

New Clients:
New to the Movement

3 pack of classes for $39 OR

6 pack of classes for $66

  • Attend any class

Monthly-Unlimited Membership: $99

  • Attend any class, 1 per day
  • Qualifies for some health insurance monthly rebates

Private and small group sessions

  • Prices available upon request

Existing Clients:
Rockin’ the Movement

bodyART®, ResistMAT, ResistDance

  • $20 drop-in class
  • $90 for a 5 class pack ($18 per class)
  • $160 for a 10 class pack ($16 per class)


  • $25 drop-in class
  • $120 for a 5 class pack ($24 per class)
  • $200 for a 10 class pack ($20 per class)

Please see our class policies in the FAQ section.

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