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Check out our posts below that cover topics that range from new articles and studies about about health and fitness, general information about our studio, and future events we have coming up.

  • Why You HAVE to Try deepWORK®

    You probably clicked on this blog because you’re curious of what deepWORK® is, or you want to learn more because you’re afraid it sounds a little scary – or both. Don’t fear, instructor Alexa is here to share her own experience with deepWORK®.  WHAT’S deepWORK®? If......

  • Keepin’ It Fresh!

    What’s in store for 2018 at The Resistance Movement?   We want to give you the motivation you need to get and stay fit and healthy in 2018! Yes, we said it…2018. A new year is just around the corner; it’s a stone’s throw away......

  • Happy & Healthy | Sessions with Shahreen

      NUTRITION Shahreen is a nutrition student at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.  The Resistance Movement Fitness Team welcomes her with open arms and cannot wait to fill our lives and minds with the color she brings to life, health & wellness. “I believe......


      As 2017 ends it’s helpful to reflect your year. Ask yourself, what did you accomplish, what were your failures, and was the most valuable thing you learned? These are applicable to movement/fitness, daily life, work and relationships. Not ready to ask yourself those questions?......

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  • Keeping It Fresh Newsletter

    This week’s newsletter is titled “Keeping It Fresh.” We go over information about the spine and facts about each vertebrae and how they function in the body. We also cover different exercises you can do to strength the muscles around the spine to help increase......

  • Body Mind Awareness

    Monday Movement The Resistance Movement strives to bring you quality training not only physically, but mentally as well. Check out the latest updates and the hottest trends on the market.  See what we are reading, listening to, and learning every week.  Excite your mind, share your passions,......

  • Training The Mind

    “Your Breath is your Brain’s Remote Control”     Goh, Crystal. “Your Breath Is Your Brain’s Remote Control.” Mindful. N.p., 07 Apr. 2017. Web. 03 May 2017.  ...

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