Class Policies

Q: What Should I Bring?

A: You should wear fitted workout clothes that will move with you rather than constrict your movement; ideally materials that wick away moisture. A baggy shirt may fall over your face obstructing your view on some exercises. Don’t wear anything with zippers, buttons, or fasteners that may damage the equipment. We recommend bringing a water bottle but we’ll provide the water fountain, fresh towels, and a mat or chair as needed. First-timers must arrive 15 minutes before class starts to meet your instructor and ask any questions.

Q: Do I Need To Bring Shoes?

A: Nope. We are a “sock” studio so check your kicks at the door and get ready to work out in your socks. We require grip socks so your feet don’t slip and slide around the chair, mat or floor. If you forget your socks, you can purchase a pair at the front desk.

Q: What If I’m running Late? Can I Cancel Or Join Class Late?

A: We care about your safety and well-being. The Studio reserves the right to not check a client who arrives at the Studio 5 minutes or more into the listed start time into a class. While we understand ‘things come up,’ the safety and experience of all of our clients is our priority and the front desk staff will use their discretion on a case-by-case basis. We will make every effort to let you into class, but we don’t want you to jump into class without a proper warm-up. You can get injured and we’d miss you while you’re recovering. If you are late and the Studio staff does not check you into the class, you will still be subject to the late cancellation policy.

Find more information about how to cancel in the previous FAQ tab.

Q: What If I Need To Cancel A Class?

A: Plans can change – we get it. But we do request any cancellations be submitted through the website, or by calling the Studio and speaking to a member of staff (no voicemail cancellations allowed), at least 12 hours before your scheduled class.

If you cancel less than 12 hours prior to class, you’ll be charged for that class as if you attended. (I.e. one class will be taken from your class pack) If you have a monthly membership, you will be charged the drop-in price of a class.

Studio Information

Q: Do You Have A Shower and/or Changing Area?

A: The Studio is furnished with spa-like Women’s and Men’s locker rooms including showers, changing rooms, towels, and high-end bathroom amenities.

Q: Do I need to bring my own towel or lock for the locker room?

A: The Studio provides fresh, washed on-site, towels for the shower so there will never be a towel shortage. Hand towels are also available for use during your workout in the classrooms. The lockers in the Studio are equipped with an individualized combination locking system.

Q: What Type of Floors Are In The Exercise Space?

A: We care about your joints so we use sprung dance floors in both the exercise studios. These floors absorb shocks, giving it a softer feel. You will be able to see how they move up and  down when you do jumping jacks and other plyometric exercises. They are considered the best available floors for dance and physical activity because they enhance performance and greatly reduce injuries.

Q: Are You Located In the Skyway?

 A: We are actually located one block from the Skyway. The closest entrance/exit to the Skyway is located at the corner of North Sibley St. and 6th. Street East. Then it’s a short one block walk to North Sibley Street and 7th Street East.

Q: Where Can I Park?

A: There is ample street parking along East 7th St, East 8th St, North Temperance St, & North Sibley St. Parking is free before 8am! After 8am and before 8pm it is $2 per hour. You can pay on your phone with the Passport Parking application. The closest hourly covered parking ramp is at 7th & Jackson.

Q: Are Men Allowed or Is It Just For Women?

A: This is friendly environment open to everyone! We not only welcome, but encourage men to try all of our classes. We have many men that train with us, including professional athletes. The bungee cords we use?; they’re the same ones used by pro athletes in training. Check our schedule to sign up.

While you’ll often see Brian in your class because he loves these workouts, other well-known men are touting the benefits of Pilates and Yoga infused classes. LeBron James says, “I do Pilates and yoga to stay in front of the curve. I feel like it’s helping me. Does it work for everybody? I don’t know… But it works for me.” Pilates improves your core strength and helps you develop explosive power. It emphasizes elongating the muscles and creating space between the joints, while simultaneously building stability. Need more convincing? Check out this article: “Why These 7 NFL Receivers Do Pilates”.

Q: How Do I Sign Up For Class?

A: You can register for a class via our registration portal. You can also call the Studio to chat with one of our instructors about which class you’d like to participate in. You can also sign up through the MINDBODY application from your phone. Or, feel free to just stop by to have a look around the Studio and book a class before you leave – we’d love to meet you!

Q: Do You Offer Smaller Group Or Private Classes?

A: We sure do! Private or small group classes are a great way to learn proper technique or to take your training to the next level with exercises that can’t be done in a group setting. In addition, small group classes are a great way to have fun with your friends and family and make great corporate event nights. You can either speak to the instructor of your choice to schedule a time or speak to Trisha, or a studio manager, and they will help you find an instructor and time for your private class.

About The Program/Method

Q: What Are The Benefits of Pilates?

A: Pilates can make a great difference in your health without taking a toll on your body. Through our challenging class programs, you’ll learn to move more efficiently through everyday activities while developing a strong core, adding long, lean muscles, increasing your joint mobility and increasing your flexibility, stability and balance.

Q: What if I’m not very flexible? Will the “stretch” components of class be too much?

A: You don’t have to be “flexible” to participate in any of our classes. We encourage you to do whatever your body can. We’re not trying to create contortionists, we’re trying to move your joints and muscles through their full range of motion to help your body. You will see and feel your flexibility improving as you focus and breathe.

We help you improve your true flexibility by incorporating carefully selected dynamic and static stretching sequences. We carefully prepare your body with mobilization exercises before stretching anything. And for those of you who are contortionists, our equipment helps you deepen your stretch and push your flexibility to extents you have yet to reach.

Q: How is Stamina and cardio integrated into the classes?

A: To increase your stamina and endurance, we keep you moving through interval-based cardio blasts and exercises that challenge your core muscles, either as strength, stretch, balance or mobility exercises.

Each class includes exercises that focus primarily on stamina, or incorporates stamina elements in either a strength or stretch exercise. For example, ResistMATSM includes mountain climbers, inchworms, plank jacks, and corkscrews with active holds after each exercise. These exercises are not only stamina based exercises, but they are also strength or stretch exercises as well.

Bridal Services

Q: Do you choreograph wedding dances?

A: Yes, absolutely! We teach dance lessons for your first dance or your father-daughter dance. We can also choreograph any of your bridal dances: your first dance, father-daughter dance, flash mob or bridesmaid or groomsman dances. Let us help you surprise your guests!

Q: Do you host bridal parties/bachelorette parties?

A: Yes! We can teach a private fitness class of your choosing. We can create choreography and your party will have fun practicing the steps. At the end of the session, you put all the steps together to create your own music video, which you can record on your phones. Whether you want to get sassy, sexy, dirty, downright nasty, or even sweet, we can create something to match your needs. Props, no props. Drinks, snacks. Let us know what you want and we can help you create an unforgettable event.

Q: I/We want to get fit for the wedding. Can you help?

A: Whether, you, want to get fit or you want to get fit together, we can help. The Wedding Warrior package is designed to be completed over 2 months, though we also offer more long-term packages if you’re looking to make a lifestyle change. You’ll get 12 classes per month over 2 months, 2 personal training sessions and 1 wellness consultation. Your personal training sessions can be used for private training or dance lessons. The package can be shared with your significant other. You must call to book.

Special Conditions

Q: I Am Pregnant. Is It Safe To Take Class?

A: While most Pilates, yoga, and dance movements incorporated in our class programs are beneficial for pregnant women, we highly recommend asking your doctor before you take any of our classes. They know what’s best for you and your situation. We can provide options and modifications; we just ask that you arrive early to discuss any modifications with your instructor before class begins. We have experience working with pre- and post-natal moms and we’ve given talks around the Twin Cities about exercising and pregnancy. We can teach you beneficial exercises that are safe for every stage of your pregnancy and we can even teach you how to exercise with your baby. Clients come to us having suffered complications in their pregnancy, including having a hysterectomy, C-section or diastasis recti. We can help you, you just need to take the first step or coming in to see us or calling us. We can work with you to create a wellness plan to keep you fit and strong during your pregnancy, to helping you lose weight and increase your stamina after your bundle of joy is born. Whatever your needs, we are here to support you!

Q: If I have injury/illness can I still take a class?

A: We recommend consulting your doctor or physical therapist to consider if exercise is the best course of treatment for your condition. With that in mind, each exercise in our classes can be modified to accommodate for injuries, illness, or general limitations. We have extensive experience working with clients with orthopedic issues such as hip, knee and shoulder injuries and disorders. We also work with clients with more serious conditions like neuromuscular disorders and cancer, among other things. We seek to improve our client’s quality of life both mentally and physically. We strongly believe in the benefits of Pilates and the rehabilitative role it has on individuals with an array of conditions. We ask that you arrive early and discuss any of the above with your instructor prior to the beginning of class. If you do have an injury or illness, we recommend that you book a private session to discuss with your instructors your challenges and limitations and the goals you want to achieve. The Studio reserves the right to not check in a client who appears to be too injured or ill to take a class. We not only care about your safety, but also the safety of others in the class.


Q: Do you offer any discounts (student, military)?

A: We sure do. We offer a student discount and a military discount.

We offer 10% off of each of the class packs, as well as the recurring monthly-unlimited memberships. It is not valid on the new member offers or used in conjunction with any other promotions we may be running. A valid university student ID card and proof of current enrollment is required (we’ll accept a transcript, a note from your school, a bill or anything on official letterhead). We also require proof of your active military or veteran’s status for the discount.

Q: Can I freeze my class package?

A: Yes. If you are injured or unexpectedly unable to attend all of your purchased classes in the allotted time, the Studio leadership can provide an extension on a case-by-case basis. We’ll accept a doctor’s note or anything else from a medical professional.

Q: Do you accept ClassPass or any other gym share program?

A: We do accept ClassPass. We hope you’ll love our program so much that after taking your monthly class pass allotment you’ll become a class pack member with our Studio.

Q: I love what you are doing at the Studio How do I become an instructor or join staff?

A: We’re always looking for great group fitness instructors, Pilates and Yoga trained instructors looking for “something different,” and dancers seeking an avenue to transition into a fitness role. We’re also looking for smiling faces at our front desk. Please send your résumé and cover letter to info@resistancemovementfitness.com or fill out an application at the front desk.

Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: We currently work with several insurance companies. Our monthly membership qualifies for health insurance monthly rebates if your plan offers one. We are part of the GlobalFit network and we participate in Active&Fit, Silver&Fit, and the Affinity program. If your health insurance provides reimbursements or subsidizes your membership at certain facilities, please speak to your Member Services Department to see if our facility can participate in your benefits plan. Let us know what insurance you have and we can also reach out and ask that insurance company for us to be a part of their network.

Q: I’m a blogger and I’d love to take your class?

A: Awesome! We want you to come take our class. In exchange for writing a review about us on social media (good or bad), we’ll let you take one class free. Know other bloggers? Bring them along…the more people, the more fun you have sweating it out.

Q: What are community classes?

A: Glad you asked. Community classes are new class offerings that we’ve added to the schedule. To give us the ability to hone the classes to make them perfect, these classes are offered at a discounted rate of $12, while we iron out the kinks.