Work Exchange Program!

Work Exchange Program!

What’s Our Work Exchange Program?

At The Resistance Movement we’re dedicated to supporting the community and the arts. When we discovered that our classes were drawing in dancers, performers and other movers, we decided it would be a great opportunity to create a work exchange program to foster their lifestyle. We understand that the life of an artist is challenging, so we decided it was time to offer more support!



Our work exchange program creates an opportunity for artists to have experience working in a movement studio while receiving classes or studio rental in exchange. This allows local dancers to work with a budget and expand their creativity and work experience!


Who’s Involved in Our Program?

Meet our first member, Kasidy Isahaq.
Kasidy works at the studio Friday mornings! You’ll probably see her taking classes with you. Let’s welcome Kasidy to our team!


“Kasidy was born and raised in the Twin Cities. She fell in love with dance & performance early and currently works as a salsa & Latin dance instructor in St. Louis Park. Kasidy is excited to be part of the team as an exchange program member. She can’t wait to meet you!”


Fun Facts About Kasidy:

  • She could eat strawberry cheesecake every day.
  • She and her husband, Andrew, have a pet cermaic dog named Claude. He’s the only animal the feel responsible enough to take care of!
  • Kasidy is a lifestyle blogger

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