Why You HAVE to Try deepWORK®

You probably clicked on this blog because you’re curious of what deepWORK® is, or you want to learn more because you’re afraid it sounds a little scary – or both. Don’t fear, instructor Alexa is here to share her own experience with deepWORK®. 


If you’re unfamiliar with deepWORK®, you’ve come to the right place. It is bodyART® for those who love bootcamp, HIIT training, crossfit and the most intense levels of physical work. Along with cardio, deepWORK® combines static and dynamic exercises, core training, plyometrics and breathing techniques that challenge the body and mind while maintaining the integrity of form, alignment and mindfulness. The deepWORK® movement sequences are designed so that there is always a connection between tension and relaxation combined with breathing exercises. The phases of deepWORK® trainings are structured according to the five elements: earth, wood, fire, metal and water. These in turn are based on different energy sources. After a deepWORK® unit, the energy of the trainee is completely exhausted. These techniques are also used in meditation therapy, in so-called dynamic meditations, which have their roots mainly in the Far East and are used in people who suffer mainly from depression, cancer or psychosomatic problems.


Where do I even begin… First, I want to tell you that I’ve only taken deepWORK® once and it was several months ago from Master bodyART® Educator, Ryan Daniel Beck. When I first experienced class I was blown away by the thoughtfulness to every detail. From the music, breath, general focus, contrasts of movements, rhythms and so much more. When The Resistance Movement began to offer deepWORK® on a regular schedule, I was never able to attend it until recently. So I want to share with you my own personal experience with deepWORK® taught by the owner of The Resistance Movement, Trisha.


I want to let y’all know that deepWORK® is something you must experience for yourself because it may be different from mine. Let me just say this – it’s a serious kick-ass class. What makes it so kick-ass? Uh, everything. Again, it’s the attention to detail from the music, breath, internal connection and series of movements that ebb and flow. Many of the movements made me feel grounded and connected – yet I was able to release frustration, anger and built up bull sh*t I was holding onto. The high energy movements allowed me to take some serious risks, both mentally and physically. I think that’s what makes this class so kick-ass. It pushes your limits both mentally and physically. It’s through the high energy movements I was able to dig deeper. I believe this class helps you find your internal flame and express yourself through the power of movement. And to me, that’s gold. That’s all I want in life… Anyway, this class is so well thought out it’s accessible to all fitness levels – meaning if you don’t want to jump, you don’t have to jump. But listen, this class makes you want to jump, scream, shake, slap the floor and give your ENTIRE self to those 55 minutes. If I could describe the class in three words, I would say: Adrenaline, Risk, and Joy. In 55 minutes you have the chance to do some SERIOUS self-discovery without even realizing it.

Alexa says, “You have nothing to lose. You might not have the same experience as me, but I can guarantee you’ll still have a kick-ass time.”


 Allow yourself to let go of judgement and fear….Enjoy each movement like it’s your last. I tell people there is no “wrong” way to move. Let yourself be taken on a mental and physical journey that is deepWORK. It will start a fire in your body and soul.


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