As 2017 ends it’s helpful to reflect your year. Ask yourself, what did you accomplish, what were your failures, and was the most valuable thing you learned? These are applicable to movement/fitness, daily life, work and relationships. Not ready to ask yourself those questions? That’s cool, let’s start with something simple. The Resistance Movement is here to help you appreciate your success in MOVEMENT!

In 2017…

You Joined The Movement
Way to go! You accomplished the hardest step. We know that it’s not easy trying something new… especially when it means putting yourself out there.

You Committed

We know getting yourself to the studio is the hardest challenge, especially when it’s -30, but when you’re here you put your whole heart, soul and mind into each move you do. Keep it up! Allow yourself to let go. Trust us, we have your back.

You Embraced Something New

Have you ever tried anything like bodyART or getSTRONG? Probably not until now. We applaud you for taking a risk and stepping outside of your comfort zone! We think embracing something new is something to be proud of – even if it was just one class. Go you. You’re a badass.


Yes, you breathed. Let us say it again…You breathed. You listened to your breath. You felt your ribcage expand and contract. Simple, right? It’s not every day that we take the time to close our eyes and focus on our breath, but at The Resistance Movement, you did just that. You breathed and listened to your body. Oh, and we hope you calmed your mind while doing it.

You Became More Aware

Your awareness to your whole-self expanded.  You’ve become more aware of your breath, ego and movement itself. Let us ask you this, has your mobilization shifted, has your mind shifted, have you shifted as a Mover? We say, YES. A million times, yes.

Thank your body as you reflect on 2017. We know it’s not easy to dive deep into yourself, but you did just that by taking our classes. Cheers to YOU. We thank you, we see you, and we support everything you do. Thank your body, too.


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