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What’s in store for 2018 at The Resistance Movement?


We want to give you the motivation you need to get and stay fit and healthy in 2018! Yes, we said it…2018. A new year is just around the corner; it’s a stone’s throw away and it will bite you in the behind, if you let it! That being said, are you ready for it? Did you accomplish everything you set your mind to in 2017? Did you follow through on your resolutions?

If one of your resolutions for 2017 or 2018 involves getting fit, active and healthy, we are here to help you. If you joined us, we’re so happy you did! If you’re still staring at our website wondering if you’ll be the next victim of a bungee related exercise incident, resist no more. Our well trained instructors will safely guide you through the most unique, but most fun class you’ve ever tried.
We want you to get (and stay excited) about joining The Movement and becoming an elite group of Movers! And no, we don’t mean the box truck with boxes type of Mover! We mean those of you that understand that you must train differently to challenge your body, and keep your body MOVING for longer. A healthy training regimen means a regimen you can do for life. We always say if your grandma couldn’t or shouldn’t do an exercise, nor should you. Some people think that the “best exercise” is the one that leaves your body battered and broken. The exercise that has you leaving class with an inability to bend your knees, because you are so sore. We hate to break it to you…you’ve got one body in this lifetime and you need to treat it with that understanding.
Why are we different? Clients say that they leave mentally feeling calm, energized and balanced, while physically feeling strengthened, lengthened and inspired to come back.




Have you tried all of our classes? Think you can anticipate our every cue? Think you know the order of our exercises (you know who we are talking about!) Our clients spoke and we listened. To keep you challenged and excited to come back, we’re expanding our class offerings. We’re going to be bringing you a new chair class, a new dance class and a totally new class using suspension bungees.

The Bungees are Coming


Maybe you’ve seen videos of your favorite pro-athlete wearing a harness rigged with bungee cords, while running or crawling away from his trainer. Maybe you’ve seen videos of dance groups flying through the air. Maybe you’ve seen new fitness classes with participants running and leaping across the floor. Well, you’re all right. Our bungess can do that and more! We’re bringing bungees to the Twin Cities. Don’t be fooled by imitators.  We were the first to bring you bungee cord training and we are the first to bring you suspension bungee training. Unlike others, we’ve got experience in this type of training, can ensure your safety and moreover, we can ensure you have fun! No experience is needed. We will be holding introductory sessions to get you used to the bungees before you take class. As long as you come with a smile and a great attitude, you will like this class. This class will be like our other classes: you’ll get your strength, stretch and stamina in 55 minutes. The bungees want to pull you up, but you have to keep yourself grounded. This class will be filled with jumping, leaping, running, all the while, challenging your push-ups and planks. It won’t be easy, but it will be fun.



Challenge your strength in this new class that builds on getSTRONG. Have you been faithfully coming to getSTRONG? Are you interested in putting your newfound strength to the test? From new planks and push-ups to new sequences, we’ll keep you guessing with every move. This class will activate all of your muscles, including those you didn’t know you had. Focusing on form, we will lead you through exercises and sequences designed to utilize your small muscles. We’ve incorporated some familiar moves, with a twist. Requiring laser-sharp focus, this class will test your metal. Your muscles will be quivering (in a good way!). This class will be 60% strength, with 40% split evenly between stretch and stamina (though it probably will be a little more stretch that stamina). This is an amazing class for those that want to challenge their strength and those that want to focus on form and breathing.


Do you love the ballet portion of ResistDANCE? Well, we’ve heard your feedback and are thrilled to tell you about resistBARRE, which marries traditional ballet and barre techniques, with our own Resistance Movement twist. Have you secretly always wanted to be a ballerina? Do you love the benefits of barre class? Like a traditional barre class, resistBARRE will focus on building form and technique and emphasizing precision in movements. Inspired by a dancer’s daily training, each exercise, stretch and movement is designed to build strength, stretch, grace and fluidity of movement. You can expect targeted toning, barre and cardio exercises to sculpt sleek, powerful ballet muscles. Like our other classes, resistBARRE will help you create more length in your spine and your body, creating better posture  With the bungees as our barre, it allows us to incorporate movement into dance sequences and combinations. Classes are choreographed to a kick-butt soundtrack to keep you inspired throughout class. No dance experience is required.



Who wants a break from the the winter?


We’re considering hosting a wellness conference abroad. It would be filled with sunrise and sunset wellness classes like bodyART, deepWORK, stretching, mobility and flexibility training, as well as your favorite, resistance band classes. The days would be filled with excursions, free time, shopping trips, site-seeing and some pre-arranged meals, and did we mention…sun, sea and sand!!. If this is something you’d be interested in doing, we want to know how far you’d be willing to travel (in terms of hours or dollars), preferred times of the year and how much you’d be willing to spend (please specify if this is with or without airfare included). Also, let us know if you’d be by yourself or with one (or more!) travel companions. Possibilities include Mexico, the Carribean, Costa Rica or farther afield.

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